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Volume 56, Number 38    June 22, 2009         

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'Pilot Dads'
In a June 17 USA Today story, Associate Professor of Psychology Jeff Cookston discussed society's expectations of today's fathers. Cookston called the current generation of new dads a "Pilot Generation," because they're in the process of transitioning from the image of the father as a breadwinner to an involved dad who isn't afraid of changing diapers. But Cookston said, when it comes to expectations placed on mothers, "the bar is set pretty low for father involvement and father engagement."

Fungus find
A June 16 article in the San Francisco Chronicle detailed the latest discovery by Professor of Biology Dennis Desjardin. Desjardin a new fungus species that he calls Phallus dreweseii while searching in the island nation of São Tómé and Príncipe. The finding was just the latest in a career of successes for Desjardin, who has discovered more than 100 different mushroom species. "I found it growing out of an old rotting log in a forest on a mountaintop, and after I spotted the first one, I saw several more right in the same spot," he said. 


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