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Volume 56, Number 24    February 23, 2009         

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Keeping your job
In a Feb. 14 interview on CNN, Assistant Professor of Business Mitchell Marks gave suggestions for how employees can retain their jobs in the face of layoffs. Marks suggested that employees seek out information when layoffs are coming and to look at new ways to showcase their abilities, such as taking on a high-profile project. "Talk to people. Find out information. One of the best things you can do is talk to your boss and say, 'what should my priorities be now?'" Marks advised. 

Money well spent
In a Feb. 13 National Public Radio interview, Associate Professor of Psychology Ryan Howell discussed his research that found people reported feeling happier when spending money on life experiences instead of possessions. Howell said spending money on the right things affects happiness. "The last 35 years, we've talked about money doesn't make people happier, but if it doesn't make us happier, we certainly act like it does," Howell said. "What we hypothesized is that money makes some people happier some of the time when they're spending it on the right things."

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