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Volume 56, Number 33    April 27, 2009         

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Tracking twisters
In an April 21 Wichita Eagle story, Professor of Geosciences John Monteverdi discussed a new project that aims to pinpoint the exact conditions that produce deadly tornadoes. Learning more will help meteorologists give residents more warning to seek shelter. "A number of things have to happen sequentially and at the same time and in the right order," Monteverdi said of what produces tornadoes. "You have to start knocking the dominos down to find out what happens in that last stage. I think we're getting close, and this project should help."

Trapping insects
An April 18 San Francisco Chronicle article profiled work being done at the Academy of Sciences by SF State biology students. The group has been laying traps on the roof of the building to record the numbers and types of insects in the area. "We're in the process of finding out how well the living roof works at supporting native insect life," said John Hafernik, president of the academy and professor of biology. "With our findings, we hope we'll be able to support the biodiversity of Golden Gate Park."

Slashing pay, saving jobs
In an April 16 Time Magazine story, Assistant Professor of Management Mitchell Marks commented on the growing trend of employers cutting pay to avoid laying off workers. Marks said companies opt to cut salaries to maintain worker morale. "Initially, this sounds really good to people because we're all chipping in. It's almost like in World War II when housewives bought organ meat instead of steaks and chops to save meat for the boys," Marks said. "There's a sense of camaraderie and loyalty. But what if you don't win the war? Then why did we do that?"


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