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Volume 55, Number 35    May 27 , 2008         

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Worrying abroad
In a May 14 National Public Radio broadcast, Political Science Lecturer David Lee discussed anxiety in the local Chinese-American community concerning the recent earthquake in China. "There are photos of aid relief arriving and rows of dead bodies being laid out in the street," Lee said. "People are just anxious to find out what's going on so they can assess the situation and figure out what's needed and can respond appropriately." Lee, whose wife has relatives in the affected area, noted, "they are presently living out of a car because of concerns over the safety of their home. Many of the homes may have sustained structural damage, so people are hesitant to go back into their homes."
Definitely a "hapa"
In a May 15 Nichi Bei Times article on media images of hapas, or multiracial Asian Pacific Islanders, Assistant Professor of Asian American studies Wei-Ming Dariotis suggested that the few images in mainstream media are hardly cause for celebration. "There's an issue for hapas in the entertainment industry which is whether you can pass [for white or Asian]," Dariotis said. "You have to be identified as one thing clearly. If you are ambiguous they can't figure out how to market you."
Not so "rogue"
In a May 19 ABC 7 News broadcast, Professor of International Relations Sanjoy Banerjee offered his insights on the possibility of a high-profile meeting between the United States and Iran. Referring to Iran's recent international reputation for being a "rogue" country, Banerjee noted, "Those countries might then conclude that maybe Iran's status isn't so low after all and that it's OK for them to go cooperate with Iran."







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