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Volume 55, Number 36    June 23 , 2008         

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Hyperthermia awareness
A June 18 story in the Memphis Commercial Appeal featured Adjunct Professor of Meteorology Jan Null discussing his research on hyperthermia. Null said he suspects that the average number of child deaths per year may have tripled, to 36, since 1998 because more children are forgotten in back seats. He said education and awareness are key to keeping parents from leaving their children in hot cars. "It's (done) through education, making people aware of how dangerous a car can be, giving them tips to change their behavior," he said.

A triumphant history
In a June 7 San Francisco Chronicle feature on the opening of the Contemporary Jewish Museum, Professor of Jewish Studies Marc Dollinger discussed the history of Jewish people in San Francisco. "The story of San Francisco Jews is triumphant," said Dollinger, co-editor of the book "California Jews," and fifth-generation San Franciscan. "San Francisco has been one of the most open civic cultures to the Jewish community in the United States."

Australian virtuoso
In a June 6 Sydney (Australia) Herald feature, Professor of Music Roger Woodward said he has mellowed as he has advanced in his career. "I hope so," Woodward said. "I've learned a thing or two. I love people as much as ever and that's the important thing." The 65-year-old Woodward has recorded more than 100 recordings while performing around the world. Woodward said he's not sure if he will return to Australia fulltime. "I'm living for art now. If someone made an offer, of course. But at the moment no one is able to make an offer," he said.







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