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Volume 56, Number 1    July 21 , 2008         

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The reality of war on television
In a July 13 San Jose Mercury News story, Professor of Broadcast and Electronic and Communication Arts Melissa Camacho commented on the popularity of the new HBO mini-series "Generation Kill," which focuses on a group of Marines in the early days of the Iraq War. Camacho noted that many past war movies and shows appeared long after the real conflicts had ended, giving viewers a sense of perspective. "In peacetime, it's obviously easier to accept war as entertainment," Camacho said. "But in real time, it often doesn't matter how well-written or how well-produced a film is; a lot of people just aren't willing to watch because they'd just rather escape."

Remembering Benny Carter
Lecturer of Jazz Studies Andrew Speight remembered jazz legend Benny Carter in a July 10 San Jose Mercury News article about the Benny Carter Tribute Band, of which Speight is a member. Speight recalled a letter he wrote to Carter back when he was an aspiring young musician in Australia. "He wrote back in his beautiful handwriting and told me the books he studied from, classical violin books," Speight recalled. "That's how our friendship started. When they talk about Duke Ellington, (Carter is) of the same caliber, way bigger than just the saxophone."

Weathering the attacks
In a July 2 ABC 7 News story, Professor of Political Science Robert C. Smith said Barack Obama worked hard to define himself during the July 4 weekend so that he could get ahead of the coming attack ads from Republicans. "He knows that in the fall there will be ads, there will be innuendos about him not really being one of us," Smith said. Smith said Obama knows that attacks will come about similar issues to those that surfaced during the Democratic Primary race with Hillary Clinton. "This will come from Reverend Wright, this will come from his wife's remarks, this will come his refusal to wear the flag lapel for a long period of time," Smith said.

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