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Volume 55, Number 29   April 14 , 2008         

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Capturing the light
Assistant Professor of Cinema Weimin Zhang was featured in an April 5 AsianWeek article about her plans to film the Olympic torch when it passes through San Francisco on April 9 for the official 2008 Beijing Olympics documentary. "I want to show an image of welcoming, China opening up its arms to the world and showing its integration of culture, history, modernity and spirit," Zhang said. "I know a lot of people have wonders, questions and even negative opinions about China. … From my point of view, this is the Olympics, which has always emphasized participation, fairness, excellence and peace. And this shows how China is willing to follow these values, and so we shouldn’t participate in negative discussions."
Fighting Russophobia
In an April 4 St. Petersburg Times opinion piece, Assistant Professor of International Relations Andrei Tsygankov addressed "Russophobia" in the U.S. presidential elections. "Russophobia-driven groups have generally succeeded in feeding the media an image of Russia as an increasingly dangerous regime," Tsygankov said. "Despite the anti-Russia rhetoric, many U.S. politicians feel that Russia doesn’t matter in the global arena. … But Russia should matter, particularly in a world of new security threats and growing energy competition. The attitude of ignorance and self-righteousness toward Russia tells us volumes about the U.S. unpreparedness for the central challenges of the 21st century."
Playing "soccer mom"
Associate Professor of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Melissa Camacho comments on media portrayals of the "soccer mom" in an April 3 Star-Ledger article. "These are women who are either balancing jobs and children or have left a job to stay home. They're older than moms of the past; they have educations and career aspirations they gave up. Or they have to do it all at once," says Camacho, who specializes in feminist media criticism. "Soccer mom is just the contemporary term, but 'housewife' took on negative connotations. It suggests a woman is domesticated or not professional, that she's always in the house. But soccer mom suggests she's running around, doing things."







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