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Volume 54, Number 34   May 21, 2007         

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A Zinn endorsement
Social Science Lecturer Dean Wolfe Manders spoke about his new book, "The Hegemony of Common Sense: Wisdom and Mystification in Everyday Life," on KQED's Forum, hosted by English Professor Michael Krasny, on March 26. While speaking about his book and the relationship between politics and labor, he said that renowned historian Howard Zinn had formally endorsed his book. "Howard Zinn said that he knew of no other work that explores class and its relationship to popular consciousness in such a thoughtful and incisive way," said Manders.

Mental illness and the Korean American community
On April 23, ABC-7's evening news aired a visit to Associate Professor of Asian Studies Grace Yoo's AAS 380 course, Koreans in America. The news feature included comments from the Korean American students on the topic of how mental illness is treated in their community, in response to the Korean American student accused of shooting classmates at Virginia Tech University.

Families and careers
Robert C. Chope
, professor of counseling, was the subject of a feature interview in a recent issue of The Family Journal. Chope, who is a licensed psychologist and family therapist and the author of "Dancing Naked: Breaking Through the Emotional Limits that Keep You from the Job You Want," stressed how much influence family life can have on career decisions. "Jack London might have been a postal worker and never been a writer had his mother not read through his journals and discouraged him from working at the Oakland Post Office," he said. "This exemplifies links between the family, our career expectations and the emotional aspects involved in making our career decisions."

Gender study on 20/20
A groundbreaking study on gender nonconforming children by Caitlyn Ryan, director of adolescent health initiatives at the Cesar Chavez Institute, was the basis of an hour-long feature on the topic by Barbara Walters on ABC's 20/20. The program aired April 27.

After Picasso
Whitney Chadwick
, professor of art, discussed the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art exhibit "Picasso and American Art" on the May 1 edition of KQED's Forum. "Because of this sort of status that Picasso assumes with the invention of Cubism ... there is before ... Picasso and Cubism and after Picasso and Cubism and that cannot be dismissed," she said. "So it demands a kind of engagement and a sort of talking back in some way, and I think that's what we see laid out on the walls of the museum right now."

MySpace candidates
Joe Tuman
, professor of communication studies, discussed why U.S. presidential candidates may opt to set up MySpace pages, in a story that ran May 17 on NPR's Marketplace. "It's a great place to recruit people to work on your campaign. And it's an interesting place to think about how you can do fundraising," he said. On the other hand, Tuman noted that MySpace pages emphasize what is already true -- that candidates are judged less on platform and more as a commodity. "They're packaged like products," he said. "And the prettier and more appealing you can make something, the more likely you are to sell it."

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