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Volume 54, Number 24   March 5, 2007         

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SF State received an additional $447,438 in November and $1,065,354 in December.

Gretchen LeBuhn
, Biology, "Development of Vital Sign Sampling for SF Bay Area Network," National Park Service, $17,000.

Barbara Henderson, Elementary Education, "BATTI Project 2006-07," Bay Area Teacher Training Institute, $27,507.

Caitlin Ryan, Ethnic Studies, "Family Acceptance," Annie E. Casey Foundation, $25,000.

Paul Sherwin, Poetry Center, "Archives Audio Cataloging," National Endowment for the Arts, $15,000.

Sandy Rosen, Special Education, "Personnel Preparation in Orientation and Mobility," U.S. Dept. of Education, $99,945.

Debra Fischer, Physics and Astronomy, "Forming the First Planetary Systems," NASA, $5,000.

Ahmad Ganji, Engineering, "Industrial Assessment Center Program --Year 1," U.S. Dept. of Energy, $239,966.

John Hafernik, Biology, "Spider Survey of the Presidio," The Presidio Trust, $18,020.

Jerry Davis
, Geography, "IMS Software Update," Low Income Investment Fund, $23,000; "IMS Software Update," Low Income Investment Fund, $7,050.

Kimberly Tanner, Biology, "Track 2, GK-12: SFSU/SFUSD Program," National Science Foundation, $20,000.

Patrick Tierney, Recreation and Leisure Studies, "Marin Trail Surveys," Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, $12,856.

Alise Paillard, Special Education, "Comb. Priority for Pers. Prep.m" U.S. Dept. of Education, $199,775.

David Ellis, Mathematics, "BD--IV Program," Memorandum of Understanding with CSU Sacramento, $486,000.

Clifford Berkman, Chemistry & Biochemistry, "Inhibitor-Directed Imaging of Prostate Cancer," National Institutes of Health, $316,673.

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