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Volume 54, Number 31   April 30, 2007         

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Covering the coverage
In an April 4 CBS 5 story, Simon Perez discussed viewer feedback on an immigration raid story he had reported on earlier and why such stories are so difficult to do. In addition, Melissa Camacho, assistant professor of broadcast and electronic communication arts, commented on how both sides of the immigration debate manipulate and complain about media coverage. "It's a very common practice for people to stage events ... If something else presents itself that would, perhaps, give us another point of view then that's also something that we should cover, but it doesn't happen in one day or in one single moment."

Remembering Robinson
For an April 9 column on the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's Major League Baseball debut,'s John Helyar asked several experts what Robinson would think of the state of the league today. Jules Tygiel, professor of history, said, "Baseball integrated because Branch Rickey took a chance on affirmative action, on going outside the usual way of business. Jackie Robinson would say baseball has to go out and take affirmative action again."

Extra-solar searching
The April 12 edition of The New York Sun featured a story on Debra Fischer, assistant professor of astronomy, and her team's search for "extrasolar" planets. Fischer said her research asks, "Is our solar system typical of other solar systems? ... how many stars have planets like our own?" Fischer gave a talk on her research at The Philoctetes Center for the Multidisciplinary Study of Imagination.

Counseling at college
Members of Counseling & Psychological Services explained the college counseling environment for an April 19 CBS 5 story sparked by the Virginia Tech tragedy. "The fact of the matter is that we're getting more students now coming to college with emotional concerns," said Kevin Bowman, director. "Some stats suggest that almost one fourth of incoming freshmen have some sort of emotional concerns or depression." Clinical Director Willie Mullins commented on the difficulties counselors face navigating the legal and social aspects of counseling students: "A lot of times I think it's just a question of making a decision -- am I going to get sued for this or am I going to get sued for that?"

Temples in the outskirts
"There have been a lot of cases where Buddhists face community hostility, so you find them building temples way out in the boonies," Russell Jeung, assistant professor of Asian American studies, told the International Herald Tribune. The Tribune ran a story on April 22 about an increase of Buddhist temples being built in and around Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Snoring your way to separate bedrooms
CBS's The Early Show featured a story on couples who choose to sleep in separate bedrooms so they can get enough sleep. Although it seems a sensible solution to some, other couples worry about how such an arrangement will be perceived. "If the individuals and a couple are not in the same bed, people are immediately suspicious that the relationship has gone awry, that there's a problem," said John Elia, associate professor of health education.

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