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Volume 54, Number 28   April 2, 2007         

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SF State received $6,367,427 in January and $1,554,781 in the first part of February.

Carol Stevenson
, Edelman Institute, "Jumpstart AmeriCorps," Jumpstart for Young Children Inc., $57,682; "Jumpstart Private," Jumpstart for Young Children Inc., $240,041.

Marco Bravo, Elementary Education, "Integrating Science and Diversity Education," University of California, $32,276.

Juanita Santana, Edelman Institute, "Bilingual Bachelor's Degree," First 5 San Francisco, $200,032; "First 5 PFA-CV and HV Sites," First 5 San Francisco, $19,790; "Preschool Instructional Material," California Dept. of Education, $2,427.

Eileen Levy, Social Work, "Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Project," California Social Work Education Center, $1,167,508.

Richard Dugdale, Romberg Tiburon Center, "Sea Grant Fellowship," CalFED, $76,250.

Wim Kimmerer, Romberg Tiburon Center, "Sea Grant Fellowship," CalFED, $76,250.

Tomoko Komada, Romberg Tiburon Center, "Sediment DOC-PRF," American Chemical Society , $40,000.

Charlotte Ferretti, Edelman Institute, "Early Care and Education ," San Francisco Dept. of Children, Youth and Their Families, $4,417,746.

Maika Watanabe, Secondary Education, "College-Bound Math and Science," Spencer Foundation, $37,425.

Pamela Vaughn
, Center for Teaching and Faculty Development, "EnAct: Ensuring Access through Collaboration and Technology," U.S. Dept. of Education, $41,781.

Eileen Levy, Social Work, "Fairness and Equity Training," University of California, Berkeley, $10,000.

Gilbert Herdt, Human Sexuality Studies, "National Sexuality Resource Center," Ford Foundation, $1,500,000.

Thomas Parker, Biology, "Genetic Relationships of the Progeny of Arctostaphylos Hookeri Subspecies Ravenii," Pesidio Trust, $3,000.

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