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Volume 53, Number 19   January 30, 2006         

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Commemorating Dr. King
Dorothy Tsuruta
, associate professor and chair of Africana studies, commented on the decision not to schedule a march in San Francisco to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, in a Jan. 12 San Francisco Chronicle article. "Singing 'We Shall Overcome' may be soothing to people who were around in the 1960s, but maybe the young people of today have to find their own ways of commemorating what Dr. King means to them," Tsuruta said.

Patience in the storm
Assistant Professor of Management Mitchell Marks commented on how employees should weather the transition when their company is acquired, in a Jan. 8 New York Times article. "Employees need to stop and collect data before they think about making a decision that could change their careers forever," Marks said, claiming that it pays to be patient through the transition and to act only on facts. "Acquisitions truly are communication vacuums."

Homework for San Francisco schools
The Dec. 26 San Francisco Examiner featured an opinion piece on public schools and the business community written by President Robert A. Corrigan titled, "S.F. schools need strong leadership." "We need to do better. That means focusing now, before a new superintendent is hired, on how the superintendent and board can best work together," Corrigan wrote. "It is time to practice what we preach to our children: doing our homework."

Nouveau entrepreneurs
A Dec. 19 San Francisco Chronicle article quotes Marketing Professor and Chair Sanjit Sengupta on how the Internet "has created a new class of entrepreneurs." "Everyone can get started in business without some of the traditional barriers in terms of land, labor and capital," Sengupta said. "Instead, people need only to rely on knowledge and intellectual capital."

Arthritis and loss
KQED-FM "Forum" host Michael Krasny, professor of English, discussed rheumatoid arthritis from a personal perspective with Mary Felstiner, history professor and author of "Out of Joint, A Private and Public Story of Arthritis," on Dec. 12. "Arthritis really is a disease of pain and of losses, and that's what I had to confront," Felstiner said. "It needs to be treated because it's dangerous to have pain, and it also can really throw a life out of joint."

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