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Volume 53, Number 29   April 17, 2006         

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SFSU received an additional $888,269 in January and $1,045,364 in February.

Charlotte Ferretti
, Edelman Institute, "Gateway to Quality - San Mateo County," San Mateo County Office of Education, $26,000.

Sarah Cohen, Romberg Tiburon Center, "Genetic Data Collection," National Science Foundation, $53,457.

Alise Paillard, Special Education, "Comb. Priority for Pers. Prep.," U.S. Dept. of Education, $199,673.

Wim Kimmerer/Richard Dugdale, Romberg Tiburon Center, "Foodweb Support for the Threatened Delta Smelt," California Bay-Delta Authority, $197,251.

Wim Kimmerer/Edward Carpenter, Romberg Tiburon Center, "Foodweb Support for the Threatened Delta Smelt," California Bay-Delta Authority, $259,888.

Scott Gronert, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Protein Carbonylation," Research Corp., $38,000; "Mass Spectrometric Analysis-Companion Account," Research Corp., $13,000.

Masahiko Minami, Foreign Languages and Literatures, "Fifth Annual International Conference on Practical Linguistics of Japanese," The Japanese Foundation Los Angeles, $1,000.

Gretchen LeBuhn, Biology, "CESU Pollinator Project," U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, $10,000

James Wiley, Public Research Institute, "City and County of San Francisco/Circlepoint," Circle Point, $90,000.

Zhigang Chen
, Physics and Astronomy, "Light Localization in Lattices," U.S. Dept. of the Air Force, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, $99,942

Juanita Santana, Edelman Institute, "Preschool Instructional Materials," California Dept. of Education, $2,067; "Higher Education Hispanic Services," U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, $150,000; "Dual Language Teacher Education Program," Miriam and Peter Haas Fund, $275,000.

Yenbo Wu, International Programs, "Study Abroad Advisor Training Video," NAFSA: Association of International Educators, $5,298

Frank Bayliss, Biology, "Bridges to the Future - Year 7," National Institutes of Health, $209,238.

Joanne Barker, American Indian Studies, "Book Manuscript," Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowship, $40,000.

Edward Connor, Biology, "UMEB: Integrating Inquiry-Based and Cooperative Learning with Expanded Career Horizons in Environmental Biology," National Science Foundation, $124,250.

Drew Talley, Romberg Tiburon Center, "The Genetic Structure of an Invasion," U.S. Dept. of Commerce/Sea Grant Office National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, $9,702.

Gary Pahl, Anthropology, "Collection Catalog Verification," CSU Sacramento Foundation/California Dept. of Transportation, $38,857.

Andrew Ichimura, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Oxidents in the Martian Regolith (Supplement)," NASA Ames Research Center, $31,635.

Shy-Shenq Liou, Engineering, "MEP NSF Scholarship Grant," University of California Office of the President, $9,375.

Jessica Fields, Sociology, "Sex, Gender and Race -- Youth in San Francisco," Ford Foundation; CEBRAP (Centro Brasileiro de Analise e Planejamento), $50,000.

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