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Volume 53, Number 28   April 10, 2006         

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April 2006 Newsmakers

Parents and loss

The March 19 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle featured an article about anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and how her life has changed since her son was killed in Iraq. "When a child dies before a parent, it throws all of our assumptions about the world into chaos," said Brian de Vries, professor of gerontology. "Our children are our own 'immortality projects,' our legacies, our way to make the world better. When some people are robbed of that, they desperately look for another way to better the world."

Better in batches?
Group dating is "a great thing for younger kids in particular," said Deborah Tolman, director of the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality, in a March 21 Detroit News article on youth and dating. "It helps you learn what guys and girls are like," she said. "It diminishes the mystery, enhances the human qualities."

Native bees snub vineyards
Gretchen LeBuhn
, assistant professor of biology, suggested that the unavailability of indigenous food plants could be one reason fewer species of native bees are pollinating Northern California vineyards. In a March 21 San Francisco Chronicle article, she said, "What I see isn't necessarily a change in sheer abundance of pollinators in vineyards, but a change in composition." She stated that it "could be that the tilling in the vineyards is disrupting their nests ... many native bees are ground nesters. Cultivation could be causing them problems."

Acquisition accolades
The San Francisco Business Times named SFSU's purchase of the Stonestown Apartments its 2005 residential real estate deal of the year in its March 24-30 issue. "The Stonestown deal was driven by SFSU's need for more on-campus housing and significantly grows its campus to 134 acres from 106, a coup for the smallest campus in the state's 23-university system," wrote the Business Times. In addition, SFSU's lease with the Westfield Centre that will provide a new home for the University's Downtown Center and MBA programs was a finalist for San Francisco office lease of the year.

Taking the fall
Eric Solomon
, professor of English, discussed baseball history, the 2006 Major League Baseball season and the Barry Bond and steroids issue on the April 4 edition of KQED Forum, hosted by Michael Krasny, professor of English. In speaking on baseball's response to the steroids issue, Solomon said: "Somebody takes the fall generally in cases likes this and you can be very sure it's not going to be an owner. And it's not going to be a general manager or probably a manager so that leaves the little people. And I consider all players to little people. Even Barry Bonds is a little person."

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