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Volume 52, Number 29   April 11, 2005         

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SFSU was awarded $552,818 in January and $475,000 in the first part of February.

Richard Legates,
Urban Studies, and XiaoHang Liu, Geography and Human Environmental Studies, "SPACE Workshop," National Science Foundation, $29,975.

Mary Beth Love, Health Education, "Health Care Interpreter," California Endowment, $42,665.

David Walsh, Kinesiology, "Urban Youth Development Project," Mission YMCA, $1,470.

Laureen Chew, Elementary Education, "No Child Left Behind," Regents of the University of California, $50,975.

Nicholas Certo, Special Education, "Intern Credential Program in Special Education," Oakland Unified School District, $38,741.

James Murphy, Recreation and Leisure Studies, "Marketing and Outreach of State OHRMV," California Dept. of Parks and Recreation, $388,992.

Deborah Tolman
, Human Sexuality Studies, "Beyond Pregnancy, Parenthood and AIDS," Ford Foundation, $475,000.

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