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Volume 62, Number 4    September 5, 2014         

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Eelgrass meadow ecology
On Aug. 26, Bay Nature reported on the nine-year effort by Professor of Biology Kathy Boyer and a team of researchers, students and volunteers to restore native eelgrass meadows in San Francisco Bay. "This is the biggest effort like this that’s ever been done in the SF Bay. We're trying to do it in a really experimental way so we can learn a lot hopefully about where we should be collecting the plants, what sites will work for us and what planting methodologies will work best," Boyer said.

A personal connection
Professor Emeritus of History Bill Issel discussed San Francisco Auxiliary Bishop Mark Hurley's role in the 1968-69 strike at SF State for an Aug. 27 Catholic San Francisco report. "Bishop Hurley was able to develop a kind of communication connection with the student leaders of the Black Student Union and the so-called Third World Liberation Front," Issel said. "It was through that personal connection and through what I call his moral authority which the students recognized that they finally asked him in February and March of 1969 to settle the strike -- which he did."

21st-century realpolitik
Professor of International Relations Andrei Tsygankov discussed the Ukraine conflict for an Aug. 28 PBS NewsHour segment. "Russians were assisting the rebels, and the rebels were losing until recently ... thousands of Ukrainian troops are now encircled," Tsygankov said. "This is one of the reasons why he (Putin) felt so confident in Minsk ... Russia can wait until the fall, until possibly winter, when it will be able also to use energy (supplies as) weapons. And in the meantime, the solution is only a political one. This is something that now all sides recognize."

Back to the future
Professor of Political Science Robert C. Smith shared predictions about President Obama's last two years in office for an Aug. 30 article in The Tennessee Tribute. "If the Republicans get total control of Congress, you can expect it to be somewhat of a replay of (former Republicans Speaker of the House Newt) Gingrich vs. (President) Clinton -- except worse. It is not going to be a pretty scene," Smith said. "They will be willing to risk public disapproval because the Tea Party contingent is so against Obama they would be willing to send the whole (country) over the cliff."


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