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Volume 62, Number 10    October 17, 2014         

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Different markers
Research by Associate Professor of Biology Diana Chu showing differences in the genetic code of a new embryo depending on its source was the subject of an Oct. 9 Science Newsline article. "We were able to document an array of marks from dad that are different than what is passed over from mom," Chu said. "This research opens up new avenues for scientists to investigate. What is the role of these different marks? Why are they different?"

Passing the hat
An Oct. 9 report in the San Jose Mercury News about President Obama's Bay Area fundraising efforts included insights by Professor of Political Science Robert C. Smith. "People who have that kind of money will spend a lot to spend some time in the president's presence," Smith commented. Because of Obama's relatively low popularity ratings, "his role as party leader is limited to raising money. In the places in the country where there are contested races, he's not of any help by going there to campaign."

PsychCentral on Oct. 10 reported on a study by Assistant Professor of Psychology Kevin Eschleman that shows verbal abuse by supervisors makes employees more likely to engage in counterproductive activities at work. "While the abuse may often be provided as a motivation strategy -- similar to a football coach berating his players -- the abused employees are still more likely to engage in counterproductive work behaviors," Eschleman explained. "We didn’t just focus on how these workers felt or whether they started to dislike their jobs more. We looked at consequences that actually affect the bottom line of an organization."

Too close to call
Assistant Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel commented for an Oct. 10 San Francisco Chronicle story about the race between David Campos and David Chiu for the 17th Assembly District. "It's the reason why it gets so nasty, why the campaigning is so personal -- because they are so similar," he said. "When they go to the Assembly, either one will be very, very similar in terms of their voting record, so they have got to find ways to differentiate themselves."


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