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Volume 62, Number 15    November 21, 2014         

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Don't look like an idiot
A Nov. 11 Harvard Business Review article debunking conventional wisdom regarding interviews included insights by Professor of Management John Sullivan. Be yourself "is a useless piece of advice. It's like saying, 'Sit there and look handsome.' That’s a good way to not get hired," Sullivan said. Dress appropriately, because "if you go to an interview at Facebook in a suit, you're going to look like an idiot."

Leap for conservation
Associate Professor of Biology Vance Vredenburg was quoted in a Nov. 16 Contra Costa Times article about the Oakland Zoo's effort to save frogs. "Zoos can play a very important role by helping us prevent further extinctions and by helping us in our reintroduction efforts," Vredenburg said.

Cell phone surrender
A Nov. 17 San Jose Mercury News report about personal rights when dealing with law enforcement included insights by Criminal Justice Lecturer Jim Dudley. "Generally, if you're handcuffed in the back of a squad car you will not have [access to] your cellphone," Dudley observed. "You don't want somebody in custody to have a phone. They can contact a confederate or destroy evidence."

No cheer for poverty wages
Associate Professor and Director of Labor and Employment Studies John Logan commented for a Nov. 17 NBC Bay Area report about a cheerleader who opted out of a settlement with the Oakland Raiders to pursue a suit against both the team and the National Football League (NFL). "It's understandable that some cheerleaders might find the settlement inadequate," Logan said. "The settlement... puts the cheerleaders, who have a high-profile job in a multi-billion dollar industry, on the same level of poverty-wages as WalMart or McDonald's workers. WalMart and McDonald's workers deserve more, and it's not hard to understand why some NFL cheerleaders believe they deserve more."

It's not just the heat
The New York Times on Nov. 18 reported on a study of porcelain crabs' adaptation to warming waters, which Professor of Biology Jonathon Stillman coauthored. "When you bubble the water with CO2 it creates an acid and causes a drop in pH. That’s what ocean acidification does," Stillman explained. Though they adapted to rising temperatures, their metabolism slowed, so "in the future when the crabs are likely to encounter these conditions, they may do poorly."


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