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Volume 62, Number 15    November 21, 2014         

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Consumer & Family Studies
The following Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics faculty took part in the International Textile and Apparel Association conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, Nov. 12-16:

  • Professor and Chair of Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics Nancy J. Rabolt presented the papers "Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study of San Francisco's Apparel Procurement" and "Attitudes and Behaviors Related to Provocative Clothing Advertisements"
  • Professor of Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics Connie Ulasewicz presented her peer-reviewed curriculum development work "Product ReUse in a Capstone Product Development Class"
  • Assistant Professor of Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics Kelly L. Reddy-Best co-presented "Queer Women's Experiences Purchasing Clothing and Looking for Clothing Styles," which won a Paper of Distinction Award for the Social/Psychological track. Also, Reddy-Best's juried exhibit "An Exploration of Craft and Racism -- Hand Tie-Dyed Materials and 3D Printed Embellishments with Inspiration from the Inequitable Human Condition" won the Award for Creative and Innovative Interpretation of Inspiration Source(s) in the apparel design category. She also organized and participated as a panelist at the seminar "Sexualities in Fashion: An Exploration of Industry, Design, Aesthetics and Personal Style."

Health Education
Professor of Health Education Erik Peper gave the invited presentation "Biofeedback and Common Sense in the Treatment of Challenging Disorders" at the 40th annual meeting of the Biofeedback Society of California in Oakland, Nov. 7-9.

Associate Professor of Health Education Richard Harvey gave the invited presentation "Historical Links Between Biofeedback and Psychoneuroimmunology" at the meeting.

Professor of History Trevor Getz was awarded the James Harvey Robinson Prize for the "teaching aid which has made the most outstanding contribution to the teaching and learning of history in any field" for his book Abina and the Important Men: A Graphic History. Getz is the 2012-14 awardee for the biennial prize from the American Historical Association. The award was announced in the November issue of the organization's magazine Perspectives on History and will be formally presented to Getz at the association's 129th Annual Meeting in New York on Jan. 2, 2015.

International Programs
Associate Director of the Office of International Programs Jay Ward presented two sessions at the NAFSA: Association of International Educators bi-regional conference which took place Nov. 3-7 in Portland, Oregon. Ward chaired the sessions "Professional Development Opportunities with the International Education Administrator (IEA) Fulbright Program" and "Enhance Your Professional Expertise! The NAFSA Academy for International Education."

In December, Ward's 18-month stint as a coach with the NAFSA Academy for International Education will come to an end. During that time, he provided intensive training and served as a mentor for the next generation of international educators.


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