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Volume 62, Number 16    December 5, 2014         

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More than fins and limbs
On Nov. 19, Science Newsline reported on Associate Professor of Biology Karen Crow's research that showed Hox genes are responsible for more vertebrate features than just limb growth. The findings "really expand our view of this Hox limb-building program. Now we think it could be associated with all kinds of features that arise in different species," Crow observed. "I think this genetic program is deployed in all kinds of vertebrate features that have yet to be discovered. We're just beginning to understand the underlying genetic basis of different structures in different animals. And, surprisingly, some aspects of those genetic instructions are shared."

Empowering the downtrodden
Associate Dean of the College of Ethnic Studies Amy Sueyoshi commented for a Nov. 22 San Francisco Chronicle article about a proposed ethnic studies requirement in San Francisco high schools. "It empowers people who feel trampled upon" and teaches about overcoming oppression, Sueyoshi said. "If white folks are fearful that it actually spreads white hatred, that's actually incorrect. It's really a movement for social justice where folks come together to create a different world."

Undead mirror
American Indian Studies Lecturer Sara Sutler-Cohen commented on the portrayal of zombies for Aeon Magazine's Nov. 24 issue. Movie zombies have always provided a "mirror image of what's happening in society at that moment," Sutler-Cohen said. "Intimacy with zombies [in recent films] helps us bridge the gap between us and them."

Prevention is key
Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and Title IX Coordinator Luoluo Hong discussed her work to prevent sexual violence on campus for a Nov. 26 San Francisco Chronicle feature. She stated, we need to "make sure that our response to incidents of sexual violence is timely, caring and empathetic. ... That we respond to the needs of the victim -- but also extend due process to those who are accused. It's a balancing act. ... This is about teaching potential perpetrators how not to engage in that in the first place. It's key."

Models, access needed
Professor and Chair of Marketing Sally Baack commented on a study that found only 16 percent of the nation's businesses are owned by women for a Dec. 2 KGO News report. "Without key role models, women continue to not see the type of role that they can play in founding a business," Baack said. "Access to money, access to reliable cash flow is critical to starting a business. Women have been left out of those circles."


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