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Volume 62, Number 3    August 29, 2014         

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Every phone a camera
Professor of Communication Studies Joe Tuman was interviewed for an Aug. 22 Sacramento Bee article about a public official's arrest for drunk driving. It's "silly to assume that [politicians] wouldn’t enjoy a glass of wine or, at the end of a long day, enjoy having a beer with some friends," Tuman said. "You want to be, I think, just circumspect and careful of any image you put forward of yourself. Certainly in an era like we have now of visual social media, and every telephone is a camera."

Process breakdown
Research by Associate Professor of Psychology David Gard into challenges faced by individuals with schizophrenia when engaging in daily tasks or setting goals was featured in an Aug. 24 Medical News Today report. "This is one of the first studies to carefully and systematically look at the daily activities of people with schizophrenia -- what those people are doing, what goals are they setting for themselves," Gard said. "There's something breaking down in the process around assessing high-effort, high-reward goals. When the reward is high and the effort is high, that's when people with schizophrenia struggle to hold in mind and go after the thing that they want for themselves."

Deep loyalty
Political Science Lecturer David Lee commented for an Aug. 25 San Francisco Chronicle report on the political race between longtime congressman Mike Honda and challenger Ro Khanna. "Honda is a pioneer and iconic figure in national Asian American politics. An entire generation of Asian American elected officials came up under Honda's mentorship. He has just legions of supporters all across the United States," Lee said. "He is just about the friendliest guy you've ever met. Honda comes across as a guy who's an everyman. This is a guy you'd like to have a beer with, (which) is a big piece of the puzzle."

In their own voice
Professor and Chair of Latina/Latino Studies Carlos Cordova, lead researcher for "Nuestra Historia," a project that is collecting the Latino and indigenous history of San Francisco, described the project for an Aug. 26 Mission Local article. "One of the important things is presenting it in first voice -- from an insider's point of view. This is a way in which we're able to get the experiences of people who have actually been here, who have been players in the political, social, economic and cultural life of the community," Cordova said.


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