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Volume 62, Number 2    August 22, 2014         

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Neighborhood tourism a mixed bag
A July 18 Mission Local report quoted Professor of Women and Gender Studies Nan Alamilla Boyd about efforts by the city of San Francisco to make the Castro district a tourist destination. "The city is interested in the Castro being a destination, trying to make a kind of tourism that has a mass appeal," Boyd said. "Increased tourism will raise property values and contribute to the gentrification of the neighborhood, which will squeeze out community members who do not own property in the neighborhood."

No baseline
Associate Professor of Biology Katharyn Boyer commented for a July 31 KQED report on the future of Drakes Estero following the impending closure of Drakes Bay Oyster Company. Changes to come are difficult to predict "because we don’t know what things were like before the oyster company came in originally," Boyer said. She does favor removal of the oyster racks because "creosote-covered timbers are not a good thing in the marine environment. There have been studies to show that."

Decorum under fire
Professor of Political Science Robert C. Smith commented for an Aug. 4 San Francisco Chronicle article about Richmond's vice mayor and political climate. "It's no way to conduct business. Some people find it entertaining, like a reality show, but really it brings the City Council and city government into disrepute," Smith said. "She (vice mayor Jovanka Beckles) has been subject to almost nonstop vitriolic attacks, but on the dais she's handled it with remarkable decorum. Despite everything, she's very nonconfrontational."

New rivalry
Voice of Russia UK interviewed Professor of International Relations Andrei Tsygankov on Aug. 8 about Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S.-Russia relations. "It is a new type of rivalry, rather than simply a repetition of the Cold War... Right now Russia is not in a position to challenge U.S. supremacy and compete in terms of economic development. It is different in terms of Russia's material capabilities but Russia still has major interests and stakes, and different values. This is where you have a potential for future confrontation and rivalry," Tsygankov said. "Now we have essentially a proxy war in Ukraine and we already have had and continue to have a proxy war in Syria. There is a danger that this proxy war may escalate into a real war."

Sweeping claims
NBC Bay Area quoted Associate Professor and Chair of Labor and Employment Studies John Logan in an article about the National Football League's argument that they are immune from all state Labor Code provisions. "This is a very sweeping claim," Logan said. "It's surprising and probably not one that the courts are likely to agree with."


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