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Volume 61, Number 3    September 3, 2013         

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Into the world
In an Aug. 22 "Mediashift" essay, Associate Professor of Journalism Rachele Kanigel wrote about pushing her students to interview and report far beyond their comfort zones. Her surprising solution was a summer trip to Jerusalem. "In Israel they had no co-workers and few cousins. They were in a foreign place with foreign people speaking foreign languages. To a great extent they didn’t understand the customs, the religious practices, the political system, the conflicts. They were at sea," Kanigel wrote. "And yet within days our 15 students… were reporting and writing stories for our online website,"

Time for a new King?
Professor of Political Science Robert Smith commented for an Aug. 23 article that asked if the U.S. needs a modern Martin Luther King to keep civil rights moving forward. "The kind of bureaucratic, institutional leadership that we have today for the most part cannot fill that role and speak to the deep disenchantment and anger of African-Americans," Smith said. "If you're part of the established order, then you have to play by the establishment's rules. Someone not bound by those rules (is freer to) express the sentiments of ordinary people."

Vaccinating your child with love
Director of the Family Acceptance Project Caitlin Ryan appeared on the ABC7 show "Beyond the Headlines" Aug. 25 to discuss SF State's Family Acceptance Project. "We recognized 20 or 30 years ago that families had been left out of all of the service delivery for LGBT adolescents...," Ryan said. "Our research found that family-accepting behavior -- like talking with your child even when you're uncomfortable, standing up for them when others mistreat them because of who they are, requiring that other family members respect them, even when they disagree -- these behaviors are protective against suicide, substance abuse, depression and they also promote overall health and well being, so it's a way of vaccinating your child with love, if you will."

Treatment options
Associate Professor of Health Education Jose Ramon Fernandez-Peña of the Welcome Back Initiative commented for the Aug. 20 WVEZ: Afternoon Shift program on the challenges foreign-trained doctors face when trying to get licensed in the United States. "For physicians, the process for them just to relicense in the U.S. is pretty straight-forward: they have to take a series of exams (and) upon passing those exams, they are eligible to apply for a residency training slot," Fernandez-Peña said. "And that is where the bottleneck begins; there are many people competing for a limited number of training slots."

The SF State Observatory was listed as one of the best free activities in San Francisco in an Aug. 19 entry on the San Francisco Chronicle: SF Gate Blog.


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