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Volume 61, Number 6    September 23, 2013         

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Partnership of strangers
Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies Jonathan H. X. Lee was interviewed for a Sept. 13 article in The Phnom Pehnh Post about Cambodian arranged marriages, which are often aimed at gaining an American visa. "Arranged marriages between a 1.5 generation Khmer-American man [someone who immigrated when they were under 7 years old] and a Khmer woman tend to work well," Lee said. "The Khmer-American man is often unsuccessful finding a bride (in) his own community or elsewhere; so his family arranges a partnership for him; this works better because the Khmer-American is fully on board with the marriage and it is not just about the money."

Associate Professor of History Charles Postel wrote about conservative politicians' preoccupation with a return to the "gold standard" for monetary supply policy in a Sept. 17 Reuters opinion piece. "…gold will not fix what is wrong with the Fed. Quite the opposite. Hard money is part of the conservative policy mix that has opened a chasm between the rich and poor the likes of which has not been seen since soon after the passage of the Federal Reserve Act a hundred years ago," Postel wrote.

Inferring intentions
Professor and Chair of Decision Sciences Robert Saltzman commented on the statistical likelihood that 30 percent of San Francisco's traffic congestion is caused by motorists searching for parking for a Sept. 17 San Francisco Examiner report. The 30 to 33 percent average put forth by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency "seems too narrow" and the real number may be impossible to figure out, Saltzman said. "You have to be able to infer people's intentions as they drive in their cars."


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