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Volume 61, Number 5    September 16, 2013         

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Stand tall to smile
Professor of Health Education Erik Peper and his holistic health class were the subject of a Sept. 3 San Francisco Chronicle article about the connection between posture and mood. "Students are exhausted, they are tired. The body for a moment gets more activated (after wiggling movements), and their energy levels go way up," Peper said. "If your grandmother told you to sit up straight, in some ways she was right."

Unintended consequences
Professor of International Relations Mahmood Monshipouri wrote about the potential impact of military intervention in Syria in a Sept. 6 opinion piece for The Tehran Times. "Any military intervention could further intensify the already ongoing proxy war (Russia and Iran supporting the Assad regime vs. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey supporting rebels) with considerable regional spillover impact," Monshipouri wrote, "subsequently resulting in a protracted civil war with huge civilian casualties, reminiscent of a decades-long civil war in Lebanon (1975-1991) that resulted in the death of tens of thousands of Lebanese and a million displaced people."

Keeping up with change
Professor of Management John Sullivan was quoted in a Sept. 9 Computer World article on how to survive in the fast-paced information technology field. "In the old business model, big ate small (but today), fast eats slow," Sullivan said. "Facebook didn't exist six years ago, and now, a billion-dollar company is run by someone who didn't graduate college and wears a hoodie. Before, you always knew your competitor, but now, dominant players might come from any industry and come overnight."


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