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Volume 61, Number 9    October 14, 2013         

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Labor & Employment Studies
Director of Labor Studies John Logan testified at a special hearing on the state of BART negotiations, held by the San Francisco Supervisors Oct. 7 at City Hall.

Liberal Studies
Associate Professor of Liberal Studies José Acacio de Barros was an invited speaker at the conference "Ubiquitous Quanta," part of the series "Convergenze Parallele," at the Università del Salento in Lecce, Italy, Sept. 10-12, where he gave the keynote presentation "What is irrational about irrationality?" de Barros also presented the talks "Decision Making for Inconsistent Information Using Signed Probabilities" and "Neural-Oscillator Models of Quantum Decision Making."

Librarian Ned Fielden presented a paper titled "Early Modern Academic Libraries: The 17th Century Fulcrum of Change" at the International Conference on the Book, at the University of Regensburg, Germany, on Oct. 27.


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