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Volume 61, Number 15    December 2, 2013         

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Going off the rails
Associate Professor and Director of Labor and Employment Studies John Logan, who was an invited observer at negotiations, commented for a Nov. 21 ABC News article about the BART Board of Directors' vote to reject a clause within the contract negotiated with the labor unions, endangering the entire contract. "The idea that this provision was included as a mistake would come as a complete surprise to the unions because it was settled earlier. Whether it was included in the contract due to gross incompetence or a mistake, that's the contract you're supposed to be voting on," Logan said. "But I don't think anyone is considering a third strike because that would be the worst possible outcome for both parties."

Keep it fresh
Professor of Management John Sullivan was interviewed for a Nov. 24 report in The Globe and Daily Mail about the benefits of employers occasionally revisiting a top employee’s terms of contract, also known as re-recruiting. "It’s like your spouse is going to a bar every night. You have to assume she is getting offers. You may be a great husband, but maybe you should sweeten your own offer," Sullivan said.

Early input
Associate Professor of Management Denise Kleinrichert discussed the ethics of businesses involving children in focus groups and other processes for a Nov. 25 article in The Guardian. "I think it is ethical to include children's voices but you have got to have protection. If you are approaching children in social media environments designed for and by children, there are still privacy issues that can result in harm," Kleinrichert said. "And are children fully informed? Do they understand what they are being asked to do?


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