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Volume 61, Number 18    December 23, 2013         

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Prevailing fear
Associate Professor of Anthropology James Quesada discussed the barriers to health care faced by day laborers and undocumented immigrants for the Dec. 10 San Francisco Bay Guardian. "Despite the fact that we're a sanctuary city, there's always that fear and threat that someone could come at any time," Quesada said. "There are do-gooding public health services for them, public health contracted satellite clinics and the like. But one of the hardest things is to really convince them that they're not in peril by going (to the clinics).

Inertia to overcome
University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Sue Rosser commented on possible causes of gender bias in science and engineering research publication for a Dec. 11 Chronicle of Higher Education report. "Since men dominate the more expensive fields in science, as well as the experimental fields, and have more grants, they tend to have more people in their labs, produce more results, and publish more than women with smaller grants and laboratories," Rosser wrote in an e-mail.

Pond plague
Research by Professor of Biology Vance Vredenburg that indicates declining frog populations in the Andes Mountains are a result of chytrid fungus, not climate change, was reported in a Dec. 13 Live Science article. To amphibians, "this pathogen is like no other in the history of the world. Chytrid fungus outbreaks make bubonic plague look like a slight cough," Vredenburg said. "We need to look carefully at what is causing these outbreaks."

A gift that keeps on giving
In a Dec. 16 FOX Business report, Professor and Interim Chair of Marketing Sanjit Sengupta attributed a possible drop in holiday sales to this year’s government shutdown. "This year, one of the biggest issues was the government stalemate in Washington and how that put a gloom on everybody," Sengupta said.


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