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Volume 60, Number 4    September 4, 2012         

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Label influence
Assistant Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel commented for an Aug. 24 KGO Radio report on ballot proposition 37, which would require labeling of genetically modified food, and the corporate spending in opposition to it. "When big interests are often able to raise and spend a lot of money, they are often able to use that money to prevent something from passing that might harm them. And that is the case this time (with prop. 37) and also the last election with the cigarette tax. " McDaniel said. "These are very complex issues and it's hard to have them decided by an electorate that, although is fairly informed, they don't have the time to study the issues as much as legislators should and do have."

Alone in a crowd
Professor of Social Work Brian DeVries commented on the isolation often experienced by gay seniors in elder care homes in The Desert Sun on Aug. 22. "My sort of sense is that the issues aren't that different," DeVries said. In Palm Springs where half the residents identify as LGBT, "if they have that sort of effect (stigma) here, imagine what it must be like elsewhere."

Countering limits
Director of Labor Studies John Logan commented on his opposition to ballot proposition 32, a November ballot initiative that attempts to limit corporate and union influence on state elections, in an Aug. 22 opinion piece in The East Bay Express. "If Prop 32 were to pass, it would slash spending in support of public education and safety, while encouraging massive contributions by tobacco, pharmaceutical, and real estate giants," Logan wrote. "And we would soon see numerous state and local ballot measures targeting wage-and-hours laws, paid sick leave, health and safety provisions, and other essential protections."


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