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Volume 60, Number 6    September 17, 2012         

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Bugs bugged
A Sept. 7 Daily Mail UK article featured the latest efforts by Professor of Biology John Hafernik, Assistant Professor of Biology Andrew Zink and graduate students' use of miniature transmitters to understand the parasitized bees that exhibit zombie-like behavior. "We are also interested in knowing if parasitized foragers are the recipients of aggression by other workers, for example if they're expelled from the hive, or if parasitized foragers behave in ways that disrupt hive productivity," Zink said. On the widespread public interest, Hafernik said, "Our study got picked up on zombie discussion boards, and zombie blogs. And for the most part the discussion was all very respectful and zombie lovers were interested."

Geosciences Lecturer Jan Null commented for a Sept. 6 San Francisco Chronicle report on an "El Niño" weather pattern prediction for this winter and a recent spectacular sunset. "It's, like, roll the dice. Farmers will probably say it'll be wetter than normal, but there's no way to know," Null said. "We get our best sunsets with some clouds, and when it's clear down to the horizon for the sun to shine through."

Big bangs theory
Professor and Chair of Cinema Daniel Bernardi commented on the current popularity of action movies for a Sept. 5 Arizona Republic article. "The major studios are returning to the action films as a vehicle to compete with television, mobile media, DVD, cable, etc. They want to fill theaters," Bernardi said. "And they want the ancillary markets, including DVD, cable, television, etc. Action films also do very well overseas, where the studios tend to make the most money over time."


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