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Volume 60, Number 9    October 8, 2012         

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Free wheeling
Associate Professor of Geography and Human Environmental Studies Jason Henderson commented for a Sept. 28 ABC 7 News report on the impact of Critical Mass bicycle gatherings in San Francisco. "My takeaway from Critical Mass is that it expands people's sense of what is possible in urban space," Henderson said. "I do understand the concern about the 15 or 20 minutes of delayed traffic. But I would say that if you step back and think about it, twice a day, every day, there's that kind of delay. Cars are in crosswalks, cars are blocking Muni."

Rapprochement redux
Professor of International Relations Andrei Tsygankov wrote in the Sept. 26 issue of The Moscow Times about how the change in U.S.-Russian relations since the 2008 U.S. presidential election may affect relations between the two nations. "Despite all the Kremlin's frustrations, it remains hopeful that Obama will be re-elected and that he will help to move U.S.-Russian relations forward," Tsygankov wrote. "The stronger dialogue and engagement that may result from an Obama presidency is an opportunity to weaken nationalist phobias in both Russia and the U.S."


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