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Volume 60, Number 11    October 22, 2012         

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Curve balls
Associate Professor of Psychology Chris Wright's study that found job applicants view unusual puzzle-type questions asked in job interviews as unfair was featured in mid-October by media outlets such as KGO Radio, PsychCentral, e! Science News and Yahoo! News blog. "Overall, the feelings towards these types of interviews were negative," Wright said. "Then there's still the question hanging out there, which is do these puzzles actually measure anything? I think there's a feeling that these types of questions measure broad constructs like intelligence, but that there might be a lot better tools out there to measure this."

Watershed vote
Associate Professor of History Philip Dreyfus was quoted in an Oct. 14 San Francisco Chronicle article about San Francisco's Prop. F, which proposes to drain Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and restore the valley, part of Yosemite National Park. "This was the first national debate where Americans even considered the need for conservation," Dreyfus said. "But the debate still revolves around Hetch Hetchy as a question of nature versus utilitarian need."

Fence mending
Assistant Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel commented on the controversy surrounding the reinstatement of San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi in an Oct. 10 KQED Forum discussion. "Mayor Lee's statement last night, and some of the statements we heard from supervisors who voted against reinstating Mirkarimi show that they're going to likely take a hard line on this and it's going to be difficult for the sheriff (to mend fences)," McDaniel said. "We're seeing the competing groups still litigating this issue and that means that the political process didn't work the way it was intended."


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