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Volume 60, Number 15    November 26, 2012         

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Lasting identity
Assistant Professor of Management Jennifer Tosti-Kharas' findings that identification with one's former employer can promote well-being among the unemployed was the subject of a Nov. 9 Science Daily article. "These unemployed people have something to cling to by having had very positive associations with their employer in the past," Tosti-Kharas said. "If you never had a positive association with your employer, now you're out of a job and you don't have something positive in your past to make you feel better."

Big box labor
Associate Professor and Director of Labor and Employment Studies John Logan wrote about WalMart workers who plan to strike over the holidays in a Nov. 16 blog post for The Hill. "The WalMart strikes could have a greater significance than their impact on one mega-corporation," Logan said. "Depending on the scale of Friday’s action and on what happens afterwards, the strike could provide unions and their progressive allies with the opportunity to kick-start a national debate about the sorry state of labor rights."

Hip hop senator
Africana Studies Lecturer Davey D. Cook commented on the political implications of Florida Senator Marco Rubio's recent discussion of hip hop history for a Nov. 19 Washington Examiner article. "He covered all the bases. It's going to position Marco Rubio as culturally aware of a genre that has always sparked conversation. It's not an easy thing like, I hang with Bruce Springsteen. I listen to Taylor Swift." Cook said. "For a lot of younger folks, they might give him a second look."


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