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Volume 60, Number 18    December 17, 2012         

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Educating guess
Professor of Marketing Subodh Bhat commented on gas prices for a Dec. 11 Transportation Nation report. Because most people are not experts in the things they buy, "they are not very good judges of quality. So what I sometimes think is that a lot of consumers use price as a gauge of quality. If they do not know much about a product, they tend to think that the product with the higher price is higher quality," Bhat said. "I think if consumers had more time and they did some research, they would know what really is good quality. You don’t have to take the manufacturer’s word for it, you can actually go on (the Internet to) see what other people are saying."

Prose pro
Professor of Latino Studies Alejandro Murguia, San Francisco's Poet Laureate, was the subject of a Dec. 9 article in The Potrero View. "I actually belong to the whole City. I think that is important," Murgia said. His techniques transcend the personal to become collective expression, "the poem is not just about me."


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