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Volume 59, Number 7    September 26, 2011         

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Deep concerns
Assistant Professor of Geosciences Jason Gurdak commented for a Sept. 19 National Geographic report on the proposed Tar Sands Pipeline that would run from Canada to Houston, Texas and the dangers of water table contamination resulting from a spill. "I could imagine a worst-case scenario where a potential diluted bitumen spill might reach the water table in a matter of hours or days," Gurdak said.

Saving on justice
Criminal Justice Lecturer Ken Walsh commented for a Sept. 17 New York Times piece on restorative justice, a rehabilitative approach that shows offenders the impacts of their actions. The concept has attracted the support of several San Francisco district attorney candidates in part because of the state transfer of low-level offenders to county facilities scheduled for Oct. 1. Material necessity is one of the main factors driving acceptance, Walsh explained. "When resources are not there, you are forced to do things differently."

Metal checkup
Psychology Lecturer Rosemarie Bowler's upcoming study on the health effects of manganese was described in the East Liverpool, Ohio newspaper The Review on Sept. 16. "Success of the testing depends on having a full complement of 100 participants," Bowler said. While participants will not have to provide proof of their medical history to be eligible, "We even have tests for those we think aren't giving honest answers. If I meet someone with a major psychotic disease, I'll be able to tell."

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