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Volume 59, Number 8    October 3, 2011         

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Environmental awareness
Associate Professor of Creative Writing Camille Dungy was profiled in the Sept. 27 Maine Sun Journal ahead of her lecture at Bates College. "If we as people of color aren't globally conscious of environmental degradation, we are wreaking havoc on lots of brown people," Dungy said, adding that writing is "a really good way to get people conscious of that."

No deal
BET interviewed Professor of Political Science Robert Smith for a Sept. 21 report on President Obama's 2012 reelection strategy. "Obama might get some things in his proposal… but not much else. So hereafter, much of what he does and says and how he says it is all about laying the groundwork for the election and the Republicans are doing the same thing," Smith said. Had Obama succeeded in making a grand bargain with the speaker of the house, "he’d be in much greater trouble in terms of the election."

Money talks
Assistant Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel commented on presidential campaign fundraising in the Bay Area for a Sept. 22 FOX Reno news story. "This is a diverse area, an engine of the economy, and you have a lot of Republican leaning people who live in this area and want to have a say in the presidential race," said McDaniel. "Money is one way in which they get to express their points of view in an election."

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