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Volume 59, Number 10    October 17 , 2011        

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Grants and Contracts

SF State received $1,310,629 in grants and contracts in September 2011.

Andrew Ichimura, Chemistry and Biochemistry, NRA/Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, $309,338

Vance Vredenburg, Biology, The Effects of Climate Change and Fungal Disease on Andean Montane Frogs, National Science Foundation, $150,000

Zhigang Chen, Physics and Astronomy, RUI: Novel Phenomena in Photonic Structures Induced with Engineered Coupling, National Science Foundation, $179,000

William Cochlan, Biology, Collaborative Research: Iron Regulation of the Food Quality of Phytoplankton in Acidified Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems, National Science Foundation, $672,291


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