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Volume 58, Number 10    October 18, 2010         

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Moderating influence
Assistant Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel commented on Proposition 20 for an Oct. 7 New York Times story. The redistricting measure "might have a marginal effect on the number of moderates in the Legislature, but that's doubtful to end polarization," McDaniel said.

Union strife
Associate Professor of Labor Studies John Logan was interviewed for an Oct. 7 San Francisco Chronicle report on results of the battle between SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West and the National Union of Healthcare Workers to represent Kaiser Permanente workers, which he believes damaged both labor unions and the labor movement, in general. "Hopefully both sides can work to organize health care workers who don't have a union rather than fighting over those who already do," Logan said.

Educational remedies
In an Oct. 10 article in The Bellingham Herald about a study questioning the effectiveness of remedial programs in higher education, Ed.D. Program Director Robert Gabriner agreed with the study's recommendation that community colleges must find better ways to test incoming students. "Essentially, where students are placed in the course sequence is their destiny -- if you're placed three levels below in math, 8 percent make it up to college-level math," Gabriner said.

Tea tasting
Associate Professor of History Charles Postel appeared on the CNN show "Fareed Zakaria GPS," Oct. 10, to discuss whether the Tea Party is a populist movement. "The Tea Party is a conservative movement, not a populist movement," Postel said. "The Tea Party is a very well organized, very well disciplined movement… We should acknowledge that the Fox (News) machine plays a fundamental role in the organization of the Tea Parties."

Finding women
History Lecturer Sherry J. Katz, coauthor of Contesting Archives: Finding Women in the Sources, in an Oct. 12 Chronicle of Higher Education story, explained the impetus behind the book. "We found very few discussions of methodology in the women's history literature, and we hoped that our volume would contribute to a more vibrant conversation regarding methodology among women's historians," Katz said. "We also hope that the volume will provide all of these audiences with useful methodologies to incorporate into their own research projects and will engender more creative thinking about how to contest the archives."

Apparent change
In an Oct. 12 Associated Press story, Director of the Family Acceptance Project Caitlin Ryan deflated the misconception that today's LGBT youth face a more accepting society. "Most people don't realize that while society has more positive images, that doesn't translate into a more supportive school or a more supportive home or someone for a young person to talk to," Ryan said.

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