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Volume 57, Number 13    November 9, 2009         

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Dellums' tax troubles
In a Nov. 4 Oakland Tribune article, Professor of Political Science Robert Smith commented on the recent news that Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums owes nearly $250,000 in unpaid taxes. Smith said the news further erodes Dellums' ability to lead the city. "I was surprised," Smith said. "I think his ability to lead the city of Oakland had been pretty diminished anyway. This certainly doesn't help."

Out-of-touch millionaires
In a Nov. 4 Bloomberg News story, Professor of Philosophy Jacob Needleman commented on banking and finance leaders in England who have recently gone into churches to defend a banking system that some have said creates class inequity. "It seems like the bankers aren't listening to society," Needleman said. Needleman added that the executives should make "an immediate donation of some several million pounds to a beautiful charity” to show they can "walk the talk." 

Discussing ethical business
Assistant Professor of Management Denise Kleinrichert talked about the reasons for business ethics education in a Nov. 2 3-minute interview in the San Francisco Examiner. Kleinrichert is a co-organizer of the fourth annual Business Ethics Week at SF State, which began Nov. 2. "The primary focus for students includes engagement with and ability to realize that they can be change agents and active decision-makers towards ethical problem-solving within an organization," Kleinrichert said.


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