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Volume 56, Number 9    October 13, 2008         

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Nurture and nature
With human nature and mother nature facing a record number of challenges, industry spending on environmentally friendly tools could better both the environment and economy. In an Oct. 1 ABC7 news broadcast, Raquel Pinderhughes, professor of urban studies, addressed the potential of these "green collar" jobs. Pinderhughes noted that green collar jobs could be the wave of the future for bettering the economy and emphasized the importance of making individuals aware of these opportunities. "We don't have a hard number, but we can reasonably and reliably say that there is more work to be done than there are people currently prepared to do it," Pinderhughes said.

Much more than a buck
From hard-hitting philosophical explanations to pop-culture references, Philosophy Professor Jacob Needleman's book "Money and the Meaning of Life" places economics in a unique and relatable fashion. Needleman and his book were featured in an Oct. 1 CBC News article. The book explores the symbolism of money in our lives and how throughout time we have given money more meaning. Needleman stresses that money is "congealed human energy" all packaged up in pieces of paper and metal -- but that it must remain understandable and concrete.

Fiesta Filipina
There is something unique about live theatre, especially when its content relates directly to the people and events in the town it is being preformed in. On Oct. 8 the San Francisco Chronicle featured Dawn Mabalon, assistant professor of history, as she delved into the history of Stockton and its connection to the production of "The Romance of Magno Rubio" -- a play about Filipino farmworkers in and around Stockton. The show premiered to an audience featuring many Filipino Americans. For many, the performance allowed the audience a chance to witness their own family history and re-live memories, which Mabalon related to. "I've got relatives all over the place here," she said.


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