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Volume 56, Number 14    November 17, 2008         

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Remaking history
In a Nov. 11 San Francisco Chronicle article, Professor of Art, Mark Johnson was featured for serving as the guest co-curator of the Asian American art exhibit at the de Young Museum. "One of the things we're doing is discovering objects that haven't been seen in decades. We're pulling things out to see again and appreciate anew," he said. Johnson has spent years researching Asian ancestry and its overlooked contribution to American culture. "I think the range and sophistication of expression and the complexity of references are going to take you aback," Johnson said. "It isn't often that one gets to be a part of rewriting such an important chapter in our national cultural heritage."

Digital education
The increasing price of textbooks and the need for a budget-friendly and efficient solution has some thinking digital. In a Nov. 4 Business Week article, Mary Hughes Stone, adjunct professor of psychology, said she suggests her students use digital textbooks. Digital textbooks can hold material at half the cost of the paper versions and have the ability to show video, audio and hyperlinks related to the material. It's an "optimal system" for visual learners and holds "definite value" in the world of electronic devices, she said.

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