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Volume 55, Number 9   October 8, 2007         

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In the Sept. 26 edition of USA Today, Professor of Psychology David Matsumoto weighs in on behavior detection techniques used by airlines to pick "apparently suspicious" people out of a crowd. The article interviewed several researchers who expressed concerns that these practices can lead to ethnic profiling and illegal arrests. Matsumoto, who has spent 25 years studying how people reveal emotion in split-second "microexpressions" that flash across their faces, said that authorities "are becoming privy to information we're not consenting to give. We're talking about feelings we don't want others to know in the first place."

Benefits for all
Gilbert Herdt, professor and chair of human sexuality studies, commented in an article about the state of health coverage nationwide for same-sex partners of university faculty in the Sept. 28 issue of Chronicle of Higher Education. Herdt said that revising university antidiscrimination policies is the first step to attracting top scholars and making gay and lesbian faculty feel secure. While these policies do not ensure benefits of same-sex partners, Herdt said they are "a signal to faculty that they can be open, they can introduce their partners; they will not be discriminated against."

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