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Volume 55, Number 12   October 29, 2007         

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Resolution rhetoric
In an editorial published in the Oct. 19 San Francisco Chronicle, Professor of International Relations Sophie Clavier and masters degree candidate Suzanne Sanchez oppose House Resolution 106, the "Affirmation of the United States Record on the Armenian Genocide." They write, "It is not the right time in the United States, and perhaps not even the right venue, for this human tragedy to be given a proper reckoning." The resolution, they say, jeopardizes U.S. relations with West-friendly Turkish democracy and ultimately puts the safety of U.S troops serving in the region at risk. Clavier and Sanchez ask, “Is it morally right to potentially put in harms way our troops currently engaged in combat?.... If doing the right thing at the wrong time is considered courageous, then some might say that we are offering a cowardly opinion."

Chaotic relations
Sanjoy Banerjee, professor and chair of international relations, was featured as a political expert in an Oct. 17 ABC7 news broadcast. The news clip detailed U.S. and Iraq opposition to the Turkish parliament’s decision to use force against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq. “It would certainly destabilize the one part of Iraq that is relatively peaceful and pro-American,” Banerjee said. “All of the larger gains that the Bush Administration hoped to make from its action in Iraq would be further set back by this sort of chaos taking over the territory … even if it doesn’t really affect the areas in which U.S. military is mainly operating.”

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