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Volume 55, Number 11   October 22, 2007         

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Spicy soccer
In an Oct. 3 San Francisco Examiner story on the men’s soccer team, coach Joe Hunter and players discuss the team’s newest recruits. Although SF State has a history of recruiting mainly junior college transfers, Hunter started bringing freshmen onto the team three years ago. Young and brand-new to collegiate soccer, the freshmen are known as the "spiciness" of the team. "The freshmen players are a lot more prepared for the college game than they used to be," said Hunter.

Running hot
Following the Chicago Marathon, where runners faced record high temperatures, the Chicago Tribune featured Professor of Kinesiology Mark Gorelick and Kinesiology Lecturer Anne Thilges as experts on the physiological effects of hot weather on marathon runners’ performance. "Running a long distance in heat hits the body with a sort of double whammy," said Thilges. As athletes work harder, Gorelick noted, blood that should be sent to the skin's surface to cool through sweating is instead used to keep the muscles working, leading the body to sacrifice its ability to reduce its core temperature.

Stumps 'R' Us
Career Counselor Alan Fisk is featured in an ABC 7 news broadcast about Stumps 'R' Us, an organization for people missing one or more limbs. Fisk, a member of the organization who was born without arms or legs, said, "What attracted me [to the group] was the name: Stumps 'R' Us. I thought it was very funny." People in the group celebrate their abilities with humor and a positive outlook on life. "I put on pants the same way other people do; I just have to put my legs on with the pants," Fisk said. "I figure, I’m having a good morning if I put my arms and legs on the right way."

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