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Volume 55, Number 3   August 27, 2007         

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Seniors and sex
Niels Teunis
, assistant professor with the Institute of Sexuality, Social Inequality, and Health at SF State was quoted in an Associated Press Article covering a study of sex and seniors. Teunis stated that the findings bolster the "use it or lose it" theory. "If you are doing it, you keep doing it. If you slack off in marriage like when you're in your 40s, it's hard to pick it up when you are older," he said.

Indefensible space
Niccolo Caldararo, a former Fairfax town councilman who teaches anthropology at SF State, argues against the practice of creating "defensible space" to protect from fire damage in an opinion piece published in the Marin Independent Journal. "Promoting such practices gives people a false sense of security and may even lead to people believing they can ignore warnings to evacuate," he writes. "We must end this tolerance of carelessness and acts of arson."

Haunting scandal
Sally Baack, associate professor of business, was interviewed on KCBS radio about the law suit brought by reporters against Hewlett Packard for secretly obtaining their private phone records. "It's very disappointing news for the HP executives and board members that are involved," said Baack. "HP clearly had been hoping to put this behind them."

Inflated prices
Finance Professor Yea-Mow Chen appeared on ABC-7 news. Chen commented on America's trade deficit with China, as a fast-growing Chinese economy has created double-digit inflation, especially for food. "Meat prices, egg prices, those have been rising by 20% -- 15% -- and some of them by 25%. So the living standards or the cost of living … [is] much, much higher than before."

Teach me!
Assistant Professor of Secondary Education Jamal Cooks is profiled in the online magazine Wiretap. He discusses a wide range of issues including the High School Exit Exam, the importance of writing skills, and what it means to be a literacy advocate." I ask my track athletes all the time, 'What did you learn today?' They typically say, 'Nothing.' I tell them that if they didn't learn anything, then they have to share some of that blame, because they should be able to demand that they get something out of school. I don't think enough adults are encouraging students to take control of their lives and demand that they be taught."

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