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Volume 54, Number 4   September 5, 2006         

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Moving toward multipolarity?
Sanjoy Banerjee
, professor of international relations, discussed the emergence of Russia, China and India as global powers in "The Breakdown of Unipolarity," an opinion piece that ran in the Aug. 16 edition of India Currents. "[A]lthough America will remain the most powerful state for decades, its ability to dominate all others simultaneously has already passed and its power over others will likely decline further," he wrote. "This means that while it still can, the United States should work to shape new institutions that can endure without American hegemony. In that endeavor America and India would find many common interests."

Pioneer Philo
Phil Kipper
, professor emeritus of broadcast and electronic communication arts, talked about electronic television inventor Philo T. Farnsworth in an Aug. 18 news story for KGO-TV, Channel 7. "[Farnsworth] envisioned television broadcasting. I don't think he could envision 'I Love Lucy,' but he certainly envisioned being able to transmit pictorial images to a mass audience," he said. The centennial of Farnsworth's birth was Aug. 19.

Changing reasons to return to China
Professor Marlon Hom, chair of Asian American studies, commented in an Aug. 24 San Francisco Chronicle story about Chinese émigrés returning to China once they have achieved success in the United States. "It all comes down to one issue: the sense of belonging in America," he said. "In the past, it was discrimination from the white society; today, it's ethno-centrism among some Chinese immigrants."

Saying goodbye to Meier & Frank
"I don't care how good Macy's is. Before the acquired employees can come around to say, 'Hey, Macy's is a great organization,' Macy's has to help them mourn the end of their Meier & Frank identity," Mitchell Lee Marks, assistant professor of management, told The Oregonian. Marks' comments ran in an Aug. 25 article on how Macy's is helping former Meier & Frank employees grieve as the M&F stores are rebranded as Macy's. Marks also discussed how other companies have helped employees deal with mergers and acquisitions.

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