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Volume 54, Number 9   October 9, 2006         

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Grants & Contracts

SF State was awarded an additional $89,952 in May and $4,083,403 in the first part of June.

John Caskey
, Geosciences, "Paleoliquefaction: Dixie Valley," U.S. Geological Survey, $64,986.

Karen Grove, Geosciences, "Hydrogeologic Investigation of Westside Basin," Public Utility Commission, $24,966.

Karen Grove
, Geosciences, "Theodolite/Station Measure 04HQAG0021," U.S. Geological Survey, $66,999.

Raymond Esquerra, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "MBRS-SCORE -- Year 11, Esquerra," National Institutes of Health, $163,362.

Eileen Levy, Social Work, "Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Project," California Social Work Education Center/California Dept. of Social Services, $600,000; "Monterey County Child Welfare Training," County of Monterey, $162,028; "San Francisco Foster Parent Project," City and County of San Francisco Dept. of Human Services, $146,745; "Child Welfare Training," City and County of San Francisco, $196,248; "CA Public Regional Training," California Dept. of Social Services, $1,394,675.

Frank Bayliss, Biology, "MARC - U *STAR Program 06-07," National Institutes of Health, $180,448.

Leticia Marquez-Magana, Biology, "RUI: Swimming/ Swarming in BSU," National Science Foundation, $5,000.

Gilbert Herdt, Human Sexuality Studies, "Sexual Health Literacy Project," Ford Foundation /SFSU Foundation Inc., $15,859.

Joseph Gubeladze, Mathematics, "RUI: Convex Point Configuration," National Science Foundation, $31,284.

Sacha Bunge, Psychology, "Career Opportunities in Research (COR)," National Institutes of Health, $242,703.

Susan Alunan, Institute for Civic and Community Engagement, "Wheelchair Standard Product Guidelines," World Health Organization, $23,666.

Debra Fischer, Physics and Astronomy, "Rocky Planets with the Automated Planet Finder Telescope," National Science Foundation, $191,190.

Daphne Stannard, Nursing, "Faculty Practice," University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, $15,381.

Carol Stevenson, Child and Adolescent Development, "Case Study -- Childcare Facilities Fund," Consultant Agreement with Low Income Investment Fund, $9,639.

Sergio Aragon, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "MBRS-SCORE -- Year 11, Aragon," National Institutes of Health, $186,331.

James A. Wiley, Public Research Institute, "California Worker's Compensation Surveys," California Dept. of Industrial Relations, $265,389; "Improving Alcohol Consumption Self-Report Measurement," Public Health Institute, $142,080.

Ursula Simonis, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "SCORE -- Year 11, Simonis," National Institutes of Health, $207,741.

Rafael Diaz, Cesar Chavez Institute, "Black Brothers Esteem Program," San Francisco AIDS Foundation, $63,996.

Juanita Santana, Edelman Institute, "Quality Improvement Grant -- Children's Village," Low Income Investment Fund, $3,000.

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