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Volume 54, Number 15   November 27, 2006         

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Staging family history
Roy Conboy
, professor of theatre arts, discussed his new play "The Tailor From Chihuahua" with the San Francisco Chronicle. Conboy's grandfather was a tailor from Chihuahua. "A lot of my plays come from stories that have been told to me by my family," Conboy said. "I write about my family's life, what it was like to come here, then contrast with contemporary situations to show how life has drastically changed over the last 50 years." The story ran in the Nov. 9 edition.

City values
Commenting on "San Francisco values" for an Associated Press story, Rich DeLeon, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, said, "San Francisco isn't un-American. America has become less American, with a retreat from civil liberties and, in the White House, suppressive policies and pre-emptive war." The story ran in newspapers and on newspaper Web sites across the country on Nov. 8 and 9, including the San Jose Mercury News, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and International Herald Tribune.

Better prospects
A Nov. 12 San Francisco Chronicle story focused on the improved job market for graduating college students. "We've had to move our career fairs to the gymnasium because we can no longer handle them in the Student Center," said Jack Brewer, director of the Career Center at San Francisco State University. "Last spring and this fall we had a waiting list of employers. Now we're looking at having to have a two-day back-to-back job fair in the spring."

Golden Insert-sponsor-name-here Bridge
Subdh Bhat, professor of marketing, appeared in a Nov. 16 NBC11 news story on a proposed plan to seek corporate sponsorship for the Golden Gate Bridge. Bhat said that although he thinks "in general, consumers have a positive opinionsof companies" that do sponsorships, this plan "might create a backlash ... [the] Golden Gate Bridge is a little different because it is an icon."

Gaming at the gym
Susan Zieff
, associate professor of kinesiology, commented on a new teen-only gym that incorporates video games, for a story that ran Nov. 19 on NPR's Weekend Edition. "They're enjoying it," she said. "They're interested in doing it. Those are the main motivating factors for children, adolescents and adults. If it's not fun, we don't do it."

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