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Volume 54, Number 1   July 24, 2006         

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Agile budgets
John Sullivan
, professor of management, discussed human resources managers and budgets in the August issue of HR Magazine. He said managers should draft and adopt a budget, but that they can't then forget about it. "You've got to be agile," he said, adding that mangers should be prepared to update budgets quarterly.

Obviously orchestrated?
Melissa Camacho
, assistant professor of broadcast and electronic communication arts, commented for an Aug. 8 Boston Herald article on ABC talk show "The View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck's emotional reaction to an on-air debate about the morning-after pill. Camacho mentioned that each co-host on "The" View is carefully selected to represent a major American demographic. "You know how many conservatives will write to the show cheering her for this?" Camacho said. "Talk shows like this are very orchestrated; these are not natural occurrences."

Still all about the story
An Aug. 8 San Mateo County Times story discussed how Bay Area journalism schools are training their students to work with new media such as online publications, podcasts and digital video. "We still focus on storytelling," said Andrew DeVigal, assistant professor of journalism. "Reporters still need to write and report and edit." SF State offers a major concentration in online news. The story also ran in several other papers that are part of the Alameda News Group.

Pet bill
Adjunct geosciences Professor Jan Null's studies on heat deaths in cars is cited in State Bill 1806, which would make it illegal to leave pets in cars, according to the Aug. 15 San Francisco Chronicle. The bill cites Null's research, which shows that "on a day when the outside temperature is 86 degrees, it would only take five minutes for the temperature inside a car parked in the sun to reach 132 degrees even if the windows are cracked."

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