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Volume 53, Number 10   October 17, 2005         

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Behavioral and Social Sciences
Patricia Foschi
, Geography and Human Environmental Studies, co-wrote the chapter, "An Active Learning Approach to Egeria densa Detection in Digital Imagery" that appears in "Next Generation of Data-Mining Applications," edited by Mehmed Kantardzic and Jozef Zurada and published by Wiley-IEEE Press in February 2005.

John McWilliams
, Accounting, has been elected president of the San Francisco Chapter of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Creative Arts
"Vietnam Tourism," by Arthur Asa Berger, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (emeritus), was published by Haworth Publishers in June.

Stephen Ujlaki, Cinema, was recently named to the Digital Media Advisory Council by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Ricardo Gomes, Design and Industry, presented a seminar on "Designing to Live: The Value of Sensitive + Universal Solutions" on Aug. 11 at the Design Within Reach studio in Washington, D.C. Gomes presented "Inclusive Design and the Future Society" on Sept. 14 at NeoCon East 2005 in Baltimore.

"IntroSpection," an installation by Stephen Wilson, Art, was featured in an exhibit titled "Animal Nature" at Carnegie Mellon University's Regina Gouger Miller Gallery, on display from Aug. 26 to Oct. 2.

Ruth Love
, Administration and Disciplinary Studies, chaired a civic organization, Downs Community Development Corp. The organization raised the funds and sponsored a summer school for low-income students in elementary and secondary schools. Love traveled to West Africa this summer to supervise the distribution of a shipment of thousands of new and used books, computers, medical equipment and supplies. The materials were used to establish three libraries and one a high school computer lab as well as fill the stockroom of a local hospital.

Ethnic Studies
Matthew Shenoda, Ethnic Studies, read from his new poetry collection "Somewhere Else" on Sept. 29 at Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco.

Health and Human Services
"Two Breaths Per Minute Yogic Breathing," by Erik Peper and Katherine Gibney, Holistic Healing Studies, and other co-authors was recently published in "The Theses of Mitsumasa Kawakami II: The Theory of Yoga-Based Good Health," edited by Mitsumasa Kawakami and published by Samskara. Peper also co-wrote "The Physiological Correlates of Body Piercing by a Yoga Master: Control of Pain and Bleeding" for the same book.

Toni Mirosevich
, Creative Writing, read from her new books "Queer Street" and "My Oblique Strategies" on Sept. 29 at Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco. "My Oblique Strategies," a poetry collection published by Thorngate Road Press, recently won the 2005 Frank O'Hara Chapbook Award. Her essay "Burning Bridges" was published in the July 10 issue of San Francisco Chronicle Magazine.

Cristina Azocar, Journalism, has been named treasurer of the Native American Journalists Association.

Nona Caspers, Creative Writing, was awarded the Association of Writers and Writing Programs' Grace Paley Short Fiction Prize for a manuscript of short fiction "Heavier than Air."

The film rights to "Extinction," a novel by George Leonard, Humanities, have been purchased by Universal Pictures/Imagine Entertainment, and the producers have asked Leonard to write the screenplay.

"Nobody's Baby and Other Stories," by Leo Litwak (emeritus), English and Creative Writing, was recently published by El Leon Literary Arts.

Science and Engineering
The June 2005 issue of the Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin reported that Dick Dugdale, Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies, authored the most-cited non-methods paper in the 50 year history of the scientific journal, Limnology and Oceanography. The paper titled "Uptake of New and Regenerated Forms of Nitrogen in Primary Productivity" was co-authored with J.J. Goering and published in 1967. Editors noted that this paper had been cited in subsequent scientific papers a total of 1,194 times to date.

Student Affairs
Renee Wilson
, Public Safety, won a gold medal for weight lifting at the 2005 Western States Police and Fire Games held Aug. 27 in Reno.

Emilliano Balisteri, Public Safety, recently received an award on behalf of the Department of Public Safety from Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The award was given in recognition of SFSU's participation in the "Avoid the 14" Campaign that targeted people driving under the influence.

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